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Truck of the Month

This outstanding example of the iconic WLF Model P-80 was custom built for the West End FD, Montgomery County PA. It was delivered in 1973 and refurbished in the early 90’s. This grand lady served the department until 2012. Its looking for a new home. Check out all the details in the for sale section

historyWard LaFrance is named after its founder, Addison Ward LaFrance. In his early years Addison worked as an engineer for his father and uncle at American LaFrance. He as assigned the projectof developing aspring raising aerial with the added incentive that if it worked, his father would buy him a car agency (now known as car dealerships). Obviously, the spring raising ladder worked and Addison Ward LaFrance was rewarded with a car dealership. The success of the dealership led to the formation of a truck manufacturer which he named the “LaFrance Truck Manufacturing Company.” The similarity in name with the flourishing American LaFrance Fire Engine Co. caused confusion even back then.

At a meeting with American LaFrance’s company officials, it was suggested that Addison Ward LaFrance rename his company the “Ward LaFrance Truck Company.” He did so, and the rest is history.

mapWith manufacturing facilities located in his hometown of Elmira Heights, New York, the Ward LaFrance TruckCompany established a reputation for innovation and quality. Its distinctive name plate could soon be found on an array of diverse vehicles such as tank wreckers for the military, vans for UPS, over the road tractors, cement trucks, dump trucks, chassis for buses and trolleys, and even an armored car or two. If it had wheels and it was a truck, odds are that Ward LaFrance built it at one time or another.